2015 Ottawa International BJJ Championships April 26 2015

Once again Fightshop.ca is proud and honored to be a  sponsor of the 2015 Ottawa International BJJ Championships. The 4th Annual Ottawa International BJJ Championships, presented by Prof Ben Meireles, will take place on 20 June 2015 at La Cité collégiale sports complex. This gi-only BJJ tournament will be running six mats, a large warmup area and plenty of space for spectators.

The college campus is about 10 minutes from downtown Ottawa so if you are from out of town, make it a weekend or more and see all the sights and attractions the city has to offer. In the vicinity of the venue are plenty of places to eat and relax.

With over 400 competitors, we had a blast last year and really enjoyed talking to all the competitors so make sure to drop by the Fightshop.ca booth to say hi and check out all the BJJ, MMA and Muay Thai gear that will be available for sale at the event.

Visit www.OttawaInternationalBJJ.com for registration details

Good luck to all the competitors!!!